Mgr. Ivana Brabcová, 30. 06. 2018

Our School Trip

Wednesday 9AM: We are preparing tasks for our classmates.

Friday 7:50: We are waiting at school before we leave.

8AM: We are going to buy some marshmallows.

8:30: We are looking for the first task near the graveyard. We cannot find it.

8:45: We are going to find the next task. We cannot find it either. We are calling for help. We are solving the tasks.

9:30: We are meeting our classmates.

10AM: It is our turn now. We are hiding tasks for our classmates. We are leaving directions for them. But they are not following them.

10:30: They are calling us because they cannot find the tasks. They have taken the wrong way.

10:45: We are walking along the big pond and we are meeting the other group.

11AM: There is a fire. We are eating some bread, sausages, marshmallows and apples.

Itś 11:45: After our snack we are going home.

It is raining!

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