Maturita z ANJ

MATURITA (the school part – level B2)

WRITING (time: 120 minutes, number of words min 200 – max 250)

  1. Formal letter/ email (an application/ a complaint)
  • Paragraphs
  • Dear Sir or Madam … Yours Faithfully
  • Dear Mr Smith… Yours Sincerely
  • Formal language AND phrases (I look forward to hearing from you/ to your answer)
  • Full forms (no contractions)

  1. Narration (semi-formal – an article to a school magazine)
  • Paragraphs
  • Use of various tenses: past simple, past continuous, past perfect (used to)
  • Language corresponding with the topic

  1. Essay for and against (e.g. Should PE be optional at school? Changing shoes at school? Yes or no?)
  • Paragraphs (4)
  • 1stIntroduction: Use the given topic to introduce what you are going to write about.
  • 2ndArguments FOR: In the first place.., I think.., I (strongly) believe.., I am convinced, first/ly, second/ly…
  • 3rdArguments AGAINST: However.., On the other hand.., In spite of, But..
  • 4th Conclusion: To sum up.., In conclusion.., All in all.., I think/ believe/ am sure that.., Finally.. + expressing own opinion + why

In general, do not use abbreviations (BTW, ASAP…) and informal expressions (GONNA, CAUSE..)!

PICTURES – compare, contrast and speculate

  • Picture was taken in the particular situation – PRESENT CONTINOUS
  • PREPOSITIONS: in the picture
    • In the foreground/ background THERE IS/ARE
    • On the left/ right
    • In the centre
  • NECESSARY to talk about BOTH PICTURES ALL THE TIME (what is same, different and speculations) – NO DESCRIPTION of each picture at a time!
  • SPECULATING: They might have come or arrived by car or by coach or by plane.

They might have little money so they are staying in a camp, making their own meals.

OR they might be well off, so they have paid for an al-inclusive hotel service.

FOR MORE DETAILS, look at these 3 formats in WB Intermediate – WRITING BANK (122- 125). :-)