Belgická studentka Lise se loučí

1. 5. 2023 | Mgr. Ivana Brabcová


Po třech měsících pobytu se loučí belgická studentka Lise, která zde byla díky programu Erasmus+.


My name is Lise Gaetani, I’m from Belgium and I did an Erasmus+ for three months at Gymnásium Zikmunda Wintra. You might know me, I was in C2B class, but I also spent one week in 06, and I followed lessons in French in my host sister’s class, and in C3A.

I really enjoyed my time here. No matter in which class or place I was going, I was hosted amazingly. I made some wonderful friends, I’m so happy I met them. They made my stay in the Czech Republic exceptional and unforgettable.

The teachers were also really nice to me, and some helped me really well. Thanks to them, I was able to follow their lessons and I learned more than I expected when coming here. My host family was also extraordinary. My Erasmus wouldn’t have been the same without them.

I also really loved the people in general, and their culture. I think the Czech Republic is a wonderful country with great values and food. 😏
So thank you all very much for making my experience that magical and awesome. The Czech Republic will stay in my heart forever.